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Lazurite (Lapislazuli)

Lazurite - Introduction

Lazurite (lapis lazuli) is a deep blue gemstone with gold and white flecks. It is the earliest healing stone in human history. Its history can be traced back to more than 7,000 years ago. In the eyes of the ancient Egyptians, lapis lazuli was a sacred stone that was believed to be able to connect death and rebirth, protect the soul, and enable people to choose the right path.

Lazurite - Effect

Lazurite symbolizes peace and happiness, promotes insight, concentration and intuition, communication skills and calm thinking, it strengthens self-confidence and promotes interpersonal relationships and spirituality, aids in deep meditation and connects with the higher self.

Lazurite and chakras

Third eye chakra

Lazurit (Lapislazuli) und Chakren

How to cleanse lazurite

1. Sunlight method

2. Aromatherapy method

3. Moonlight method

4. Water purification method

5. Natural cleaning

6. Crystal druse and crystal gravel

7. Sound purification

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Which zodiac sign is suitable for lazurite?


Energie-Heilsteinarmband 8mm - Lazurit (Lapislazuli)

Everyone's birth year, month, day and time are different, and the suitable healing stones will also be different.

Do you want to learn more about the right healing stones for your life energy? You are welcome to contact us.

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