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Akasha Natura


Our brand Akasha Natura follows the principles of “Natural, Sustainable and Healthy”. In addition to a unique selection of products, we also offer courses in Buddhist meditation and Tai Chi.

We believe that improving the energy and balance of the body and mind are important factors in maintaining health and happiness. And the way is to balance yin and yang and the energy of the four elements.

Our courses help you to harmonize your energy so that you feel better and can increase your joy in life.

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The doctrine of the four or five elements has existed since ancient times in both the East and the West.

In the Western tradition it is said that the entire world consists of the four basic elements: air, fire, earth and water. Everything that exists has its own energy and vibration.

Our human body is also composed of these elements.

If we do not live in harmony with the laws of nature, an imbalance of the four elements "wind, fire, earth and water" occurs in the body. This also affects the stability of the body, mind and soul, so that physical and mental illnesses can also arise.

Only when the four elements are in balance can we be completely healthy and happy.

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