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Agate - Introduction

Common colors of agate include red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, etc. It is one of the gemstones commonly used by Buddhists during prayer to obtain good energy. Agate's unique colors and textures have also evolved into different types of agate, such as: Cherry blossom agate, salt spring agate, water agate, etc.

Agate - Effect

Agate is a healing stone of balance and stability. Its energy stabilizes and soothes. This creates peace in the mind and negative energy is transformed. It strengthens self-confidence, reduces anger, promotes love and gives the courage to start again.

Agate and chakras

Blue Agate: Throat Chakra

Green Agate: Heart Chakra

Red Agate: Root Chakra

Heilsteine und Chakren

How to cleanse agate

1. Sunlight method

2. Aromatherapy method

3. Moonlight method

4. Water purification method

5. Natural cleaning

6. Crystal druse and crystal gravel

7. Sound purification

→ Further Reading: Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones

Which zodiac sign is suitable for agate?




Energie-Heilsteinarmband 8mm - Achat

Everyone's birth year, month, day and time are different, and the suitable healing stones will also be different.

Do you want to learn more about the right healing stones for your life energy? You are welcome to contact us.

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