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About Us

Akasha-Natura and EN'R-Beauty Skincare are our own brands. All products aim to contribute to a comfortable, environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

We also offer courses in Buddhist meditation and Tai Chi so that your body, soul and mind can find balance and you can feel completely well.



Our modern lives are dominated by complexity and excess in this rapidly changing world. But deep down, we long for simpler options that allow us to return to pure and primal forms of beauty.


We believe in the concept of sustainability. That is why we place great emphasis on reducing plastic and protecting the environment and avoiding too much packaging. This way, you can experience a feeling of trust and security when using our products and truly appreciate the gifts of nature and the happiness it brings.

Founder - Ray Qiu

We follow the principles of “ Natural, Sustainable and Healthy ”. For us, “ plastic reduction and environmental protection ” are important. That’s why we avoid and use too much packaging.

🌍 We Love The Planet

To reduce waste, we package our goods with recycled materials and boxes.

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