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Where does swallow's nest extract come from?


The swallow species, Aerodramus fuciphagus, only lives in Southeast Asia, mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The swallow's nest extract we use in our products instead comes from Thailand's nature and is extracted using professional Japanese technology.


What is swallow's nest extract?

Swallow's nest extract is obtained from the nests of a special species of swallow (Aerodramus fuciphagus). Just like the precious honey "royal jelly", which is obtained from the saliva secreted by bees, the swallow's nest extract is also obtained. Not from the beehive, but from the nest. It is full of nutrients and contains valuable sialic acids. However, the concentration is two hundred times higher than that of royal jelly.


Are the nests taken away from the swallows?

Once the swallows are fully grown, the nests are no longer of any use to the swallows, as the swallows build new nests every time they are pregnant. From that point on, the abandoned nest is a gift from nature. Of course, the natural life cycle of the swallows is maintained. Removing the nests does not harm the swallows in the slightest and, what's more, it even creates space for new nests.


What is special about swallow's nest extract?

Swallow's nest extract contains sialic acid, epidermic growth factors (EGF), carbohydrates, nutri-collagen, proteins and amino acids. Sialic acid is the most valuable for skin care. There are many foods that contain small amounts of sialic acid. The largest amount of sialic acid is found in swallow's nest.


Does Swallow's Nest Extract have a rejuvenating effect?

As stated in Q4, Swallow's Nest Extract contains EGF and sialic acid. When applied to the skin, it has a regenerating and nourishing effect on the skin. A Japanese study has proven these properties. Skin aging is delayed, fine lines are reduced and the healthy plumpness of the skin increases, its elasticity is maintained, dry skin is eliminated, which makes the skin look full and smooth.


Swallow nests are protected. I would be interested to know where they get them from. Where can you buy the products?​​

Taking swallow nests from nature is prohibited. That is why there are swallow hotels where the swallows come to breed. After the swallows have left the nest, it can be used without interfering with the natural cycle, as the swallows always build a new nest each time and never return to the old one.​​

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