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EN'R Beauty Skincare
Bird's Nest Extract


EN’R Beauty Skincare kommt aus Taiwan. Die Fertigung folgt deutschem Vorbild mit kosmetischen GMP-Standards (ISO22716 / Cosmetic) und alle unsere Produkte haben den SGS-Test.

Der Name EN’R Beauty Skincare leitet sich von Eastern and Royal ab,. Schwalbennester galten in Asien schon immer als geschätzte Delikatesse mit verjüngender Wirkung. 


EN’R bietet Ihnen Hautpflegeprodukte an, die mit wertvollem Schwalbennestextrakt und vielen anderen kostbaren verjüngenden natürlichen Stoffe angereichert sind,, die Ihre Haut sowohl pflegen, und schützen als auch besondere Anti-Aging Effekte haben .

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Swallow's Nest Extract

(Bird's Nest)

For an effective skin care program with special anti-aging effects

Swallow's nests are among the most valued tonics and cosmetic products in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Swallow's nest is made of sialic acid and swallow's nest extract is particularly rich in sialic acid, about 200 times more concentrated than in royal jelly.

Taking bird's nest doesn't harm to animal

After the swallows leave the family, new nests are built. From this point on, the abandoned nest is a gift from nature. Of course, the swallows' natural life cycle is maintained.

Bird's Nest Skincare Collection
No perfume, no alcohol, no microplastics, no parabens.
For all skin types


Eco-Friendly Packaging

We Care About

Our Planet

We use environmentally friendly packaging printed with soy ink.

Let beauty return to its purest, most natural form.

We have developed and tested our products with the aim of creating an effective yet gentle formula without unnecessary harmful ingredients that nourishes your skin with the power of natural ingredients and extracts, returning beauty to its most natural, simple and true form.

There is no need to complicate things, especially

when it comes to skin care!
We are convinced that it is completely sufficient if you

pamper yourself with a single, high-quality and nourishing product and restore your natural radiance.

“No” to complex care routines! “Yes” to simple quality products !

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