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The doctrine of the four elements

The energy frequency

Studies by David R. Hawkins, Power Vs. Force, a well-known American psychologist, show that the energy frequency of the human body changes with the ups and downs of spiritual and emotional conditions.

For example, the more you feel joy and happiness, the higher your energy and abundance will be; when you are frustrated and worried, the lower your energy will be, and when energy is lower, the more likely it is to affect the health of the body.

The higher your energy, the better you are able to neutralize and transform lower energies that weaken you. Life evolves best when you live at a higher vibrational frequency.


You can decide what frequency you want to live in. You have the power to influence your own personal vibration. We can all learn to raise our vibrational frequency!


Graphic by Akasha Natura ©Copyright

The meaning of the elements

The doctrine of the elements has existed since ancient times in both the East and the West.

In the Western tradition it is said that the entire world consists of the four basic elements: air, fire, earth and water. Everything that exists has its own energy and vibration.

Our human body is also composed of these elements.

When the laws of nature are out of balance, this leads to an imbalance of the four elements "wind, fire, earth and water" in the body, which affects the stability of body, mind and soul and can also cause physical and mental illnesses.

Only when the four elements are in balance can we be completely healthy and happy.


Graphic by Akasha Natura ©Copyright


The air element is associated with the season of spring. Its qualities are hot and humid. The sanguine temperament belongs to air. The sanguine person is lively, cheerful, talkative, sociable, humorous, optimistic, likes to laugh, sing, dance and seeks the company of others.


The fire element is associated with the summer season. Its qualities are hot and dry. Fire is associated with the choleric temperament. The choleric person is ambitious, brave, energetic, active, competitive, strong-willed, likes to fight and seeks challenges.


The earth element is associated with the autumn season. Its qualities are cold and dry.

The melancholic temperament belongs to the earth. The melancholic is profound, thorough, serious, orderly, organized, planning, precise, thoughtful, conscientious.


The water element is associated with the winter season. Its qualities are cold and damp.

The phlegmatic temperament belongs to water. The phlegmatic person is calm, kind, gentle, patient, sensitive, adaptable, tolerant, reserved, peaceful, balanced, friendly, persistent.

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