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Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones

Why should you clean and purify healing stones? Which methods are recommended? How do you clean healing stones correctly?

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones

Why you should clean healing stones?

Healing stones and crystals have their own consciousness and adapt energetically to the changes in the outside world.

If there is negative energy around the stone, it will absorb it until its limit is reached. After a certain time it is no longer able to absorb any more energy and no longer works.

Cleansing the healing stones helps to get rid of the negative energy in the stones, restore the natural vibration and recharge them. So they can continue to support us in regulating our energy.

Cleaning healing stones - what circumstances require cleaning?

There is no fixed time for cleaning a healing stone. You can feel the energy of the healing stone or you can see whether the shine of the healing stone is weak. Then you can do the cleaning.

Cleaning is recommended for the following three points:

1. Newly purchased healing stones

Before you receive a new healing stone, it is usually touched by many people and therefore has absorbed a lot of mixed energy. It is recommended to cleanse it immediately upon receipt and then connect it to the healing stone.


2. When you feel yourself full of negative energy

Healing stones can absorb your negative energy and help improve your mood. Once you work for long hours and cannot bear the load, you may find that you are in a bad mood or are easily affected by external relationships. At this point, you can purify and restore the healing stones so that they can function again.

3. Places with lots of people and chaotic energies

When entering places with chaotic or weak energies such as hospitals, cemeteries, funeral homes, train stations, bars, etc., healing stones absorb negative energy. At the same time, their energy also decreases. Cleansing restores their energy and function.

Cleaning healing stones - How to clean healing stones correctly?

Here are seven common and easy-to-use cleaning methods.

Note: Not every healing stone is suitable for every cleaning method.

1. Sunlight method

Place the healing stones in the sun for 30 to 60 minutes.

However, colored quartz such as rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, etc. are not suitable for being charged by sunlight, otherwise the color will fade easily.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Sunlight method

2. Aromatherapy method

You can use incense sticks containing herbs such as sandalwood, sage, agarwood, wormwood, etc. to cleanse the healing stones. Basically, all gemstones are suitable.

Swirl the stones clockwise in the smoke, making sure every part of the stones is smoked.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Aromatherapy method

3. Moonlight method

It is best to let the moonlight shine on the healing stones for one night around the full moon. In principle, all gemstones are suitable for this method, especially those that are helpful for relationships such as moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Moonlight methoda

4. Water purification method

Rinse the stones under running water for about ten minutes. It would be even better if you could go to natural streams and the sea.

Gemstone jewelry with gold or silver decoration is ❌NOT suitable for this method.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Water purification method

5. Natural cleaning

Place the healing stones in nature in a special place on the earth to cleanse them with the peaceful and harmonious vibrations of nature.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Natural cleaning

6. Crystal druse and crystal gravel

Simply place your healing stone in crystal gravel or place it on a crystal group. Amethyst or white crystal is commonly used in this method. The recommended cleaning time is at least one night or 24 hours.

Mainly crystal druse and crystal gravel are used to cleanse and recharge the negative energy of the healing stones. Note that the size of the crystal gravel or crystal druse must be larger than the healing stone or jewelry you want to cleanse in order for it to have a cleansing effect.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Crystal druse and crystal gravel

7. Sound purification

Hold a singing bowl or handpan next to the healing stone to harness the frequency vibration of the sound and help the healing stone adjust its energy. This method can also be used in conjunction with the above cleaning methods to enhance the cleaning effect.

Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones - Sound purification

To clean healing stone jewelry, it is best to use the aromatherapy method, moonlight method, natural cleaning and crystal druse/crystal gravel to prevent the accessories on the jewelry from aging.

To clean jewelry made from healing stones - crystal druse and crystal gravel

Do you want to learn more about the right healing stones for your life energy? You are welcome to contact us.

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