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Rose Quartz

Updated: May 16

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz - Introduction

Rose quartz, also called hibiscus crystal and hibiscus stone, is a type of quartz stone. Because rose quartz emits a gentle and attractive rose-colored light, it is very popular with women.

Rose quartz comes in different colors depending on its origin. Some have white lines or cotton-like crystals.

Rose quartz - Effect

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love and it helps you increase your charm and self-confidence, expand your interpersonal relationships and improve your relationship with your partner. Rose Quartz corresponds to the heart chakra. It heals emotional trauma and opens the heart.

Rose quartz and chakras

Heart chakra

Rosenquarz und Chakren

How to cleanse rose quartz

1. Sunlight method

2. Aromatherapy method

3. Moonlight method

4. Water purification method

5. Natural cleaning

6. Crystal druse and crystal gravel

7. Sound purification

→ Further Reading: Cleanse & Purify Healing Stones

When exposed to the sun, rose quartz tends to fade or lose its original rose color.

Which zodiac sign is suitable for rose quartz?


Energie-Heilsteinarmband 8mm - Rosenquarz

Everyone's birth year, month, day and time are different, and the suitable healing stones will also be different.

Do you want to learn more about the right healing stones for your life energy? You are welcome to contact us.

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